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Clinical Trials Day

Celebrate Clinical Trials Day with IACRN!

Welcome to the IACRN Media Kit for Clinical Trials Day on May 20th! Here, you'll find everything you need to celebrate this special event and share the story of clinical research excellence with your circle.


Get Involved!

Download and print the I ♡ CRN poster.

Take a photo of yourself with the sign. Tag us when you post to be added to our collage!

Be sure to use the hashtag #CTD2024 to engage with clinical research professionals across the globe.

Social Media Frame

The perfect excuse to launch a new profile picture! Using the Canva template below, upload your photo, then drag and drop it into the circle. After downloading the file, it's ready to use!

This frame is tried and true for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X.

Digital Graphic

This graphic, with IACRN's 15th Annual Conference group photo as the background, can be shared far and wide to show your clinical research pride! 

Click the graphic to the left to download the best quality photo for social media and email signatures.

About Clinical Trials Day

Clinical Trials Day, observed annually on May 20th, honors the individuals who conduct clinical trials and the patients who participate in them. It's a time to recognize the crucial role of clinical research in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care worldwide. Through innovation and collaboration, clinical research nurses and professionals drive progress in healthcare and shape the future of medicine. On this day and everyday, IACRN honors our members who maintain equilibrium between care of the research participant and fidelity to the research protocol.

Past Celebrations

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