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Enhancing clinical research quality and safety through specialized nursing practice.

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IACRN Member Publications/Articles

  • Hale, A., Barton, B., Serino-Cipoletta J., Sheldon Y., Vessey, J.A. (2022) Direct care nurses' perceptions of their roles in clinical research: An integrated review of the literature.  J Nurs Scholarsh  Jan;54(1):104-116. https://doi:10.1111/jnu.12704. Epub 2021 Nov 22. PMID: 34811882.

  • Showalter, B. L., Malecha, A., Cesario, S., & Clutter, P. (2022). Moral distress in clinical research nurses. Nursing Ethics.

  • Jones, C.T., Bailey, J., Barlow, C., Cusack, G., Fisher, C., Griffith, C., Grinke, K., Hall, K., Keller, Jester, P.M. (2018). A retrospective pilot study comparing data from monitoring reports to identify staffing influence on protocol deviation rates. International Journal of Clinical Trials, 5(1); 30-36. DOI.

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