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Institutional Membership

Why Join? 

The International Association of Clinical Research Nurses' (IACRN) Institutional Membership is a payment option allowing any facility to provide annual IACRN memberships to groups of Clinical Research Nurses (CRNs) actively practicing in clinical research or CRNs in roles supporting clinical research. IACRN is the ONE professional nursing organization focused on CRN practice. The new Institutional Membership payment option provides a vehicle for CRN employers to provide CRN staff access to resources in best practices including, but not limited to:

  • Research Specific Standards
  • Participant Safety
  • Research Integrity
CRNs benefit from fostering professional development, networking opportunities with a global CRN community, and access to continuing education offerings. Once a facility joins under the Institutional Membership payment option, any clinical research nurse within that facility may be eligible to claim a spot on the roster as a FULL member of IACRN with complete benefits for as long as the facility Institutional Membership is current.

How it Works: Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Select Your Institutional Package (choose one)

    • 5 Members: $500 for to up to 5 clinical research nurses (regular price $675; discount 26%)

    • 20 Members: $1500 for up to 20 clinical research nurses (regular price $2700; discount 44%)

  2. Establish Your Membership Roster
    Provide IACRN headquarters with a roster (name and email) of the current CRNs to be included in the Institutional Membership at the facility. Assign one person as the main contact and send roster to

  3. Create Membership Profiles
    New members will receive an email to login to the IACRN website where they will be able to update their contact and demographic information. 


 Q: I am already a member of IACRN. How do I take advantage of the introductory Institutional Membership payment option?

 A: Provide the informational materials on IACRN Institutional Membership to your nurse leader. Encourage your nurse leader to access the IACRN/join webpage and to consider this membership payment option. IACRN active members will fall under your facility’s Institutional Membership date.

 Q: What happens when I need to renew my individual membership?

 A: You will receive an automatic renewal invoice email six weeks prior to your renewal date. This first notice would be an ideal opportunity for you to refer your department head to the website or print the Institutional Membership materials and provide them to your department head or facility director, introducing them to this unique membership opportunity. If your facility does not join prior to your renewal date, please pay for your membership personally to avoid a lapse in your membership.

 Q: Will my renewal date change if my facility joins under the Institutional Membership?

 A: Yes, current member expiration dates will advance to unify with the new Institutional Membership expiration date. Refunds may apply if a current individual member, listed as a roster participant, joined within the last 6 months.

 Q: Some of my hospital’s CRNs are already members of IACRN. Can I receive a list of member names from my hospital?

 A: Yes! When the facility submits an application, the facility executive can request a list of all IACRN members who have listed the particular official institution/hospital as their employer, and/or their email extension exactly matches the extension on your application. If any staff are already active, dues-paid IACRN members, their membership expiration date will be changed upon receipt of your facility membership payment.

 Q: Can I renew the group membership online?

 A: Yes, the current facility executive will receive up to three renewal notices prior to the renewal date for their Institutional Membership. The facility executive can renew online by credit card or payment arranged through

Additional Questions?

For more information about the IACRN Hospital/Institution Membership please email


IACRN does not use member dues for political or lobbying purposes.

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